superflex and 2QB fantasy drafting strategies 2019

2 QB and SuperFlex Fantasy Football Draft Strategies – 2019

May 22, 2019

I’m proud of you. You’ve made the switch, and are finally ready to dive into 2QB or superflex fantasy football leagues. That’s awesome. If you’re like me, you’ve noticed that all your friends have started to realize the same thing as you over the years. Wait on drafting a quarterback until the later rounds, because they’re all similar. Instead, load up on running backs and wide receivers.

This used to give us an edge, but now the public has caught on.

But that’s not the main issue. Quarterbacks play the most important position in all of sports, yet they get no respect from us in the fantasy football community. Well that all changes in 2QB and Superflex leagues. When you add a second QB to your leagues, it makes every position valuable.

A few quick tips before I show you the 2QB mock draft results:

  1. You don’t want to be the first, or last person to draft a QB.
  2. Look at it like this, who are you comfortable with having as your starting QB in a 1QB league? Make sure you have 2 quarterbacks on your team before that guy gets selected.
  3. Try to have 3 starting Quarterbacks. In a 12 team, 2QB/SF league, every team will have minimum 2 QB’s on the roster. That’s 24 of the 32 starting Quarterbacks in the NFL.
  4. In this year’s draft looking at FantasyFootballCalculator’s 2QB ADP, you want to take 2 quarterbacks before pick 100.

*Disclaimer: This mock draft was done on May 22nd, 2019. If you’re reading this in August or something, the picks may look strange. Don’t worry about the picks themselves but the strategy and thought process that went into it*

Here’s a link to’s 2QB ADP as of May 22nd, 2019.

My 2019 Mock Superflex/2QB Fantasy Draft 

Here’s a quick mock I did without looking at rankings or any of my lists, just to give you an idea of how your team will shape out depending on when you select your quarterbacks.

To help you out with the chart below, the colors stand for: 

  • Blue = Running Back
  • Red = Quarterback
  • Orange = TE
  • Green = WR
  • Purple = Kicker
  • Brown = Defense

mock superfled fantasy draft 2019

First 2 Rounds:

It’s likely that you’ll see multiple quarterbacks go in the first round, but don’t let this scare you into panicking and drafting one with the fear of missing out. There’s a clear ADP top 5 tier in:

  • Patrick Mahomes 
  • Andrew Luck 
  • Deshaun Watson
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Baker Mayfield

You’ll have many people value these QBs differently and even include some Russell Wilsons or Matt Ryans, but for the most part, you’ll see these 5 quarterbacks drafted very early and then a slight pause on drafting quarterbacks.

At this point it’s all about value, and positional advantages. For redraft this season, I’m high on Kelce, as my projections for him would land him as WR6, and almost 5 full PPG higher than the number 2 TE. These kind of weekly advantages are key to winning your league.

I also have Davante Adams as my WR1 for 2019, so couldn’t pass on him at the 12 spot. Positionally, going WR / TE in the first 2 rounds isn’t ideal, but the value was too great to pass on.

Overall in the first 2 rounds you don’t want to reach. You want to draft 2 guys that will never move from your starting lineup. 2 players that you can rely on, and will also give you game-winning weeks.

If you’re extremely high on Patrick Mahomes repeating his 2018 greatness, go ahead and grab him, but be prepared to spend a top 8 overall pick on him. To me, the value isn’t worth it, as I only have Mahomes with 3 PPG more than my starter Russell Wilson, who I got in the end of the 3rd round.

Computer #6 drafted Mahomes-Fournette with its first and 3rd pick, and I drafted Adams-Wilson with mine. My projections have Adams (21) and Wilson (21.4) with a higher total combined weekly points than Mahomes (24.2) and Fournette (15.7).

It all comes down to value, and making a starting lineup with the most possible points each week.

Rounds 3-5:

I’m a huge believer in drafting based on tiers, and that shows up big time in the meat of your draft, rounds 3 through 5. What drafting “by tiers” means is that you have 2-8 guys with relatively the same projections, but then the next ranked player, significantly lower.

For example, my backend of the WR2 tier looks like:

  • Calvin Ridley
  • Mike Williams
  • Sammy Watkins
  • Cooper Kupp
  • Tyler Lockett

I have Allen Robinson ranked right after Lockett, but with a significantly lower amount of projected PPG. This means that, if I’m targeting a WR, and the 2 picks before me are Kupp and Lockett, I’m not going to draft Robinson. I don’t want to draft based on need, but based on my tiers.

So once Kupp and Lockett get selected, I will look at my Quarterback, running back, and tight end tiers, to see if there’s better value at one of those positions.

Looking at my draft, there were a lot of players I really liked available in the 3rd round. But there were already 7 Quarterbacks selected, and I personally believed that the dropoff from my projected QB5 (Russell Wilson) and the next QB (Carson Wentz my QB14) was so significant, that I had to draft Russell.

Then, in the 4th round, a bit of roster construction philosophy came into play, along with position scarcity. I project many of the WR’s selected in the 4th round, to score more fantasy points than Marlon Mack. But, I hate to fill my roster with value running backs, and thought that the WR group was much deeper, so I could draft quality receivers later, thus forcing me to select Marlon Mack.

Then, in the 5th round, I saw a ton of value in drafting Jameis Winston (my QB7) and locking in 2 top-7 quarterbacks into my starting lineup each week, and having a positional advantage over my opponents.

To put all of that together, your goal in the 3-5 rounds should be to:

  • Continue filling out your roster with the best player available, because all these guys should be your starters.
  • You want to have at least 1 quarterback drafted on your by round 5 if there is an early run on quarterbacks.

There is nothing worse than having Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota as your starters the week you play against the team with Mahomes and Watson. It’s just a large mountain to climb because quarterbacks consistently score more points than positional players.

Rounds 6+

You want to make sure you draft by tiers, and pay attention to what the rest of the teams are doing. If you pass on a QB now, will there be good options for you next round? These are things that you always need to be paying attention to during your draft.

Rounds 6+ I’m not going to get into roster construction, or how to draft the best fantasy football team because this article is focused on the 2QB portion and strategy for your 2QB leagues.

Personally, I always want to be one of the teams with 3+ starting quarterbacks, and even draft a 4th quarterback if the value if right. I have Lamar Jackson in my top 10 quarterbacks for fantasy this season, so I was ecstatic with the team I drafted from the 12 spot.

Are you ready to crush your 2QB leagues this year? Your fantasy football life will never be the same! I’d love to hear about your draft philosophies in 2QB leagues, and some of your draft targets of 2019.

Also, I’d love for you to screenshot me the results of your 2QB or Superflex fantasy football drafts and share them with me on Twitter @hydeandzeke.

Happy Drafting!

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