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11 Best Fantasy Football Value Picks (Each Position) – 2019

June 13, 2019

Do I have a treat for y’all today!

The NFL Draft has came and gone, and the 2019 fantasy football landscape is starting to take shape.

We’ve been so focused on the rookies, that I took a full week to step back, and focus on the entire league, rookies and vets combined.

I’m switching gears from focusing on dynasty, to redraft. I spent 75+ hours going through film, depth charts, play tendencies, yearly trends and player profiles to stat every player that is fantasy relevant. Quick sneak peek of what I was working on:

All that being said, I want to give you guys my best values for the 2019 NFL season. Values are defined by where I have a player projected, compared to where their current ADP or Experts Consensus Rank is currently.

This article is coming out at the end of May, so a ton will change as far as ADP and my rankings before the season starts, but as of right NOW, there’s some insane values to be had.

As always, these rankings and values will be based on a 1QB PPR league.

Top 3 Quarterback Value Picks 2019 

1. Jameis Winston 

top 5 fantasy quarterbacks 2019

Hyde&Zeke Rating


ADP Rating


I have Jameis at QB7, throwing for almost 5000 passing yards in 2019. Bruce Arians is coming into a team that was already pass-happy last year. No talent at RB, and great WR’s, I’m expecting an incredible contract season for Jameis Winston. Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and OJ Howard? Sounds like a recipe for success to me! Oh, and you’ve heard this stat 100 times, but if you combined Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston’s stats in 2018, they would have finished as QB2.

2. Lamar Jackson

lamar jackson value fantasy picks 2019

Hyde&Zeke Rating


ADP Rating


If you haven’t already, please check out this article I wrote detailing Is Lamar Jackson a good fantasy player. Spoiler Alert, I love him for this season. A QB that has a chance to hit the 1000 yard rushing mark? Cha-ching.

3. Kyler Murray

best value picks fantasy football 2019 qbs kyler murray

Hyde&Zeke Rating


ADP Rating


Hate on it all you want, Kyler Murray will be a top 10 fantasy quarterback. Head coach Kliff Kingsbury wants to play fast, and more plays is a good thing for fantasy quarterbacks. I love Kyler as a prospect, and he has a very solid offense around him. This will be your offensive rookie of the year, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Kyler throws 4,200 yards and runs for another 500 yards.

Top 3 Running Back Value Picks 2019 

1. Josh Jacobs

best runningback value picks 2019 josh jacobs

Hyde&Zeke Rating


ADP Rating


Jacobs is ridiculously talented. He’s explosive, powerful, and is a great receiver with crisp routes and reliable hands. Jacobs was also the first RB selected, a first rounder, to a team that wants to run the ball, and has little to no competition for work. Jacobs’ ADP will rise over the summer, but for right now he’s a great value.

2. Latavius Murray

best value picks running back latavius murray fantasy football 2019

Hyde&Zeke Rating


ADP Rating


Murray joins the best rushing team in the league. The Saints are probably the best team in the NFL, will score a ton of points, and run the ball often, and effectively. Murray looks ready to jump right into the Mark Ingram role which has been quite fruitful over that last few seasons. Will have him on all my teams this year.

3. Darrell Henderson

best running back value picks 2019 darrell henderson

Hyde&Zeke Rating


ADP Rating


Hands down the most valuable handcuff in the NFL. Not a coincidence that there’s 32 NFL teams, and Henderson is my RB33. If Gurley’s knees are actually an issue, Henderson has top 8 potential. The Rams will continue to be a top 3 offense and the RB of this team will be a top player in all of fantasy football based on Sean McVay and scheme. This isn’t even to mention anything about Henderson’s skillset, which is electric, to say the least.

Top 3 Wide Reciever Value Picks 2019 

1. Robert Woods 

best wide reciever value picks fantasy football 2019 robert woods

Hyde&Zeke Rating


ADP Rating


To be honest, Woods has been my draft crush this season so far. I LOVE consistency in fantasy football, and Woods is very Davante Adams-lite in that fashion. He is a consistent 5+ catch 70+ yard per game receiver. He’s attached to an elite offense and in my eyes he’s the WR1 of the team. Woods will end 2019 as a WR1.

2. Sammy Watkins 

top fantasy wide reciever value picks 2019 sammy watkins

Hyde&Zeke Rating


ADP Rating


To be fair, I’m not sure if Watkins’ ADP has caught up with the Tyreek Hill news, so he may not be a steal in current drafts. It’s the end of May right now, and currently it’s looking like Tyreek Hill will not play in the NFL in 2019. Watkins looks to be the WR1 for Patrick Mahomes. Read that sentence again, and tell me how Sammy Watkins could end as worse than a WR2. Yes, injury risk is real with Sammy, but this could be a league winning pick.

3. Desean Jackson

best wide receiver value picks 2019 desean jackson

Hyde&Zeke Rating


ADP Rating


I want receivers that can win me weeks. I have my team built around consistent pieces like Davante Adams and Robert Woods, now I need a week winner. Desean Jackson has been close to 20! Y/C over the last 2-3 seasons, and he goes back to Philly. I think Wentz will find Jackson 58 times for 986 yards this season. I’m taking a ton of shots on D-Jax.

Top 2 Tight Ends Value Picks 2019

1. Chris Herndon

value picks tight end 2019 chris herndon

Hyde&Zeke Rating


ADP Rating


I believe in Sam Darnold, and the New York Jet offense taking a step forward in 2019. Darnold loves working the middle of the field, and was really improving as a quarterback in his last 3 starts of 2018. TE’s should see 20% of Darnold’s targets this year in NYJ, so look for Herndon to be in the 80-85 target range.

2. Mark Andrews

best value picks tight end 2019 fantasy football mark andrews

Hyde&Zeke Rating


ADP Rating


Again, check out this article I wrote detailing Is Lamar Jackson a good fantasy player. When watching the Jackson tape, one player popped up way more than others, and that was Mark Andrews. Andrews has all the physical tools to be successful in the NFL, and I’m expecting Andrews to be Lamar’s #1 target in 2019. He will have many TE1 weeks in 2019.

I have my entire rankings for you guys to check out here ____ so take a look and let me know what you guys like, and disagree with!

I’d love to hear from you guys to hear your thoughts and feedback on the best values for 2019 at this point.

Leave a comment or message me on Twitter at @hydeandzeke or on Instagram @hyde.n.zeke

Happy Drafting!

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