Top 10 QB Prospects NFL 2019

Hyde&Zeke’s Top 10 QB Prospects for the 2019 NFL Draft

March 25, 2019

We are exactly 1 month away from the 2019 NFL Draft. I have spent roughly 250 hours in the lab trying to find the top college prospects. This is a mini-series focused on my favorite prospects at the fantasy football positions which include Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, and Tight End.

Today we’re breaking down the top position in football, with my top 10 Quarterback prospects for the 2019 NFL Draft.

Everything below will be my raw, chicken scratch notes on what I saw from these Quarterbacks on film. Excuse the poor English and incomplete sentences.

1. Dwayne Haskins – OSU



 6 ft. 3in. / 230 lbs. 8.5 

Haskins is a pure pocket passer. He possesses outstanding poise and arm strength. During his 1 full year as a starter at Ohio State, Dwayne was incredibly productive with 50 touchdown passes and 8 interceptions.  On tape I saw a lot of “arm throws” vs Michigan, he needs to use his legs better to drive the ball. Showed rare accuracy for a college Quarterback.

Always conscious about getting the ball out quickly, and takes what the defense gives. Semi comfortable with people falling around his feet. Wants to beat other teams from the pocket. Traditional passer. Can move from his first read all the way through progressions. Love his shoulder movement to dip under pressure.


top qb prospects 2019 kyler murray

2. Kyler Murray – Oklahoma



5 ft. 10 in. / 200 lbs. 8.35

Let’s get this out of the way, Kyler Murray is undersized. He is a dynamic and explosive player with impressive arm strength and speed.  Shows a unique ability to change speeds on throws, it’s not always a fastball. In college had a ton of time to make decisions behind an NFL caliber offensive line.

I don’t like the way Murray stands in the pocket. He doesn’t step into the pocket well, and chooses to move out of the pocket to avoid pressure and extend plays. The lack of pressure Murray has faced hasn’t refined his skills at stepping up. He holds the ball for a while. Definitely the most natural thrower in class, Russell Wilson comparison without the awareness yet. Does a good job of sliding like a baseball player and not taking massive hits.


top qb prospects 2019 will grier

3. Will Grier – West Virginia



6 ft. 1 in. / 214 lbs.  7.75

We all fall in love with certain prospects and move them up our board, and that’s what I’ve done with Will Grier. He possesses the skills I look for in an NFL Quarterback with his accuracy, leadership, and anticipation on throws. Grier was the top graded intermediate thrower the past 2 seasons on PFF.

He throws with great ANTICIPATION and accuracy. Does great against man to man. Can improve against zone defenses. Follows through on his throws. Comfortable climbing the pocket. Will changes speeds well with passes and is a passionate leader. I love his back shoulder throws.

This throw by WIll Grier demonstrates everything I love about him. Anticipation, accuracy, and putting the ball where only his receiver can make a play on it.


top qb prospects 2019 brett rypien

4. Brett Rypien – Boise State 



6 ft. 2 in. / 203 lbs.  6.8

There’s a big drop off for me after Haskins and Murray. Then Will Grier is kinda by himself in third. Then there’s another drop off to this tier that’s highlighted by Brett Rypien. First we have to go over the bad, because it does show quickly on tape.

CONS: Panicky.  On deep balls he doesn’t put ball closer to sideline to shield from defenders. The ball stays inside of numbers giving DB’s a better chance on the ball. He is definitely not an escape artist. Rypien is much better at throwing to the left than to the right. He’s not great under pressure (48.3 QB adjusted completion %).

PROS: Brett Rypien has great mechanics and a fast release. Solid accuracy. Ran a pro style offense in college. Reminds me of a bad version of Tom Brady at Michigan. He carves up zone defense and goes through progressions well. Rypien shows an effort to make proper decision whenever he can. He’s bad when he’s moved off his spot (second worst PFF grade). Takes too many sacks, understandably doesn’t want to force passes but can throw the ball away better.

These two plays from Rypien vs Colorado St seem boring but do a great job of understanding what you’ll get with him as a Quarterback. Rypien does a great job of going through his progressions, and finding his checkdowns instead of forcing his first or second read when it’s covered.


top qb prospects 2019 drew lock

5. Drew Lock – Missouri



6 ft. 3 in. / 225 lbs.  6.75

Lock possesses a live arm, quick delivery and makes wow throws on tape. I kinda hate his sidearm release angle, it’s much more Philip Rivers than Matt Stafford. He sits at the top of his drop, needs to keep his feet moving.  Worked with a great O-line @ Mizzou (watch the 2017-18 tape).

Awful accuracy vs Bama pressure. That game did Lock no favors. He can fit the ball into tight windows. The Bama tape shows bad accuracy, decision making, and footwork.

I don’t love that Lock stares down his receiver and barely moves his feet at the top of his drop, but this dime is what Drew Lock can do. He has special arm talent.


top qb prospects 2019 jordan ta'amu

6. Jordan Ta’amu – Ole Miss 



6 ft. 2 in. / 212 lbs.  6.3

We’re at the part of the prospect list where everyone has issues that need to be fixed at the next level. Of all of them, I believe Ta’amu does the most things right, to warrant him being number 6 on this list. Excellent accuracy to all levels when the pocket is clean. Jordan needs to see the field better and needs to be smarter with reading coverages and manipulating safeties.

Super raw because of how the Ole Miss offense was run. Possesses clean consistent mechanics and a quick release. Ta’amu is very athletic. Misses open receivers not with passes but just not seeing them. I’d summarize his game by saying Jordan is accurate and mechanically sound but needs to work on reading defenses and making the right call/decision.

Drops. In. Bucket.


top qb prospects 2019 daniel jones

7. Daniel Jones – Duke University 



6 ft. 5 in. / 220 lbs.  6.25

I’m probably the lowest on Daniel Jones in the football community and will gladly say I was wrong if he finds success in the NFL. I just don’t see it. Jones has impressive size, athleticism and touch. He played a very poor game vs Clemson. Nothing stands out to me. He doesn’t exactly look like he has the tools to be an NFL starter to me. The accuracy and anticipation is fine. Does not throw well without ideal conditions, just not a prospect I like.

Daniel Jones’ best performance for me was at the senior bowl. He likely made a lot of money and earned a higher draft spot during the week. He shows a great ball fake on these play action passes and puts the ball in a great spot.


top qb prospects 2019 tyree jackson

8. Tyree Jackson – Buffalo



6 ft. 7 in. / 245 lbs.  6.2

Jackson is an erratic decision maker. His worst trait is accuracy, which is not good for an NFL prospect. Has terrific arm strength. His play can be characterized as a backyard QB. Can definitely see the crazy upside but his flaws (accuracy, mechanics, pocket awareness) are usually too big to overcome at the next level.

These 3 plays highlight the potential of Tyree Jackson. First he’s an imposing force on the field as you can see at 6’7 250. The first play is all power. He shows some scrambling on the second, and some zip on the ball in the third.


top qb prospects 2019 ryan finley

9. Ryan Finley – NC State 



6 ft. 4 in. / 210 lbs.  6.0

Finley had the most intermediate (10-19) pass yards in NCAA in 2019. He is a fluid passer. Noticed that he STARES at his receiver too much. Needs to do a better job of looking off safeties.  Finley needs to work through progressions better. He’s not very athletic. Stands very flat footed at the top of his drop.

Finley looks poised in the pocket with strong pressure collapsing around him, hangs in there and throws a dime with nice touch.


top qb prospects 2019 easton stick

10. Easton Stick – North Dakota State 



6 ft. 2 in. / 222 lbs.  5.3

Easton is an accurate thrower on the move. Above average athletically. Keeps eyes downfield while evading pressure. Good mechanics. Played in a pro style system in college.

CONS: field vision, quality of competition that he faced

Stick drops this ball in beautifully. Really tight spiral, perfect amount of air and touch. Stick does a great job keeping his feet moving at the top of this drop.

Final Thoughts on the 2019 NFL Quarterback Class 

Overall, this QB class is underwhelming. Of all the positions I’ve studied so far (QB, RB, WR, TE, CB, S, LB) this is the weakest position of the class. This is obviously my subjective opinion, and we’ll see how everyone’s careers turn out. If I had to pick one surprise player from this draft, it’s Will Grier, the 5th or 6th highest rated QB’s on most experts boards. My “hot take” is Will Grier having the best pro career of this class. Only time will tell.

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